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Do I have to upload a picture to Date at First Sight?

Yes, preferably FOUR separate full-sized pictures. This allows our team to help make a match.

Do I have to upload proof of address?

Yes, your most recent address. This is to help us verify users and reduce potential risks for users.

Do I have to upload proof of work?

Yes – again, this helps us verify that you’re a real person looking for a date.

Can anybody register for Date at First Sight?

Of course, as long as you’re aged 18 years old and above.

I’m self employed/a LTD company/on benefits/disabled . Can I still register?

Yes, though proof still needs to be provided for the verification process.

Will I get my £10 deposit back?

Yes, so long as all the necessary criteria have been met (see ‘How it Works page’).

Is all my personal information confidential?

Yes, all data is encrypted and Date at First Sight will not pass your data on to any third-party company. (GDPR Compliant Dating Sight )

Do I need to complete my profile to find a compatible match?

Yes, the more complete your profile, the more likely you’ll find a more suitable match.

If the date doesn’t go well will I get my money back?

No, but we’ll do our absolute best to match you with a more suitable prospect next time.

Is the restaurant aware that I’m meeting a date?

Yes, we will book a table at your PREFERRED restaurant, or if you’d like more intrigue, we’ll arrange another local venue for your date at a place we know well.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations require 24-hours’ notice, anything closer to the date will result in a loss of deposit. If a cancellation is necessary, please contact a member of our team to discuss.

I’m married…

We pride ourselves on helping singletons meet new people and helping them to find someone they connect with. We’re here for people looking for friends and soulmates, and encourage married people or people in a committed partnership NOT to sign up to Date at First Sight

£50 deposit

Do I have to pay £50 deposit on arrival of both parties?

Yes : You have to pay £50 when you arrive at the restaurant, which is redeemable against meals. Any remaining balance will be returned to you i.e. if your bill is £25, the restaurant will return the remaining amount.